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Check out the videos below, where Patch of Heaven Co-Founder Bruce Chesney, Director, Fred Hubbard and Chief Environmental Horticulturalist, Roberto Delcid share news about the work underway at “The Patch.”




We are the home of the first commercial attempt at growing cacao in the continental United States. As a model for agroforestry, the margins of our forests are in the process of being planted with Theobroma cacao. This is a way to fulfill our mission to protect the forest and its inhabitants, while also demonstrating that we are fully capable of reforesting and collaborating with the forest itself in a manner that is beneficial for all. 

the bat House

Restoration and construction is underway on about 2 acres that will house the largest bat house in south Florida. The project is in collaboration with Miami Bat Squad, led by Giselle Hosein, a group of volunteers and scientists who advocate for research and conservation of bats in south Florida.

The Bat House has been designed with  input from experts in the field of chiropterologist, and will have the capabilities to house varying species of bats including, but not limited to, the critically endangered Florida Bonneted Bat.

We are constructing a wetland marsh/meadow that will expand across the front of the bat house in order to provide a clearing in which the bats can enter and exit the bat house. 


The apiary


We’ve built a 10-hive aviary to enrich the environment and produce delicious local honey. Coming soon: Hammock Honey.

forest restoration

We have recently acquired a property adjacent to the Patch of Heaven. 

Formerly a plant nursery completely covered with a shade cloth, the 6.5 acre space is now part of the Sanctuary and is in the process of being re-forested.