The Joglo


The Joglo

A one-of-a-kind Javanese house that is found in remote villages throughout Indonesia, is situated in the hammock forest area behind the wood cabin. Most joglos are at least 100 years old and are made from durable teak wood featuring intricate and beautifully hand carved details in the ceiling.

The floor is elevated and unlike modern structures which are pounded together with nails, brackets and toxic adhesives, Joglos are fit together like giant jigsaw puzzles without any nails or screws.

Joglo 2.jpg

The area surrounding the Joglo has been designed as an area of serenity and reflection. The Joglo is unique in that it is roofed over using the original roof support structures imported from Bali.

The Joglo is elevated because according to Javanese philosophy, to get to the top (or achieve success), you have to start from the bottom.